Thermal video imaging for outdoor security

SightLogix’s Clear24 thermal camera delivers clear, detailed images 24/7 in all conditions.

Oct 5th, 2011

Orlando, Fla.—SightLogix, a supplier of outdoor area and perimeter security video systems, announces Clear24—cited to be a new benchmark in thermal video imaging. Introduced at ASIS International, the new thermal camera uses powerful image processing to provide the most detailed thermal image possible, 24 hours a day, including conditions of rain, snow, fog, wind or humidity.

Clear24 delivers another critical aspect of outdoor video surveillance, the need for a value-priced thermal camera that provides clear images both night and day.

Thermal imagery has been known for nighttime applications under low or zero lighting conditions. However, during the day, thermal cameras often suffer from degraded performance due to “whiteout” that occurs when targets are close to the same temperature as background scene. Thermal images are often blurry, displaying items as indiscernible shapes. Clear24 adapts to conditions to provide discriminating detail throughout the field of view, both at night and during the day.

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