Adapter kit available in white bronze plating

RF Connectors introduces 7-16 DIN adapter kit, now available in white bronze plating.


RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries, supplies many adapter and tool kits. One popular kit, introduced more than 10 years ago, is now available in white bronze plating as well as silver.

Our 7-16 DIN adapter kit has proven to be invaluable to end users. Technicians in the cellular, PCS, GPS and digital communications fields are finding more requirements for 7-16 DIN adapters. The 7-16 DIN connector interface offers technical advantages over the N or SMA connector interfaces for cellular communications. Capable of carrying high power at high frequencies, 7-16 DINs are larger and more precise, offering more stable electrical and mechanical connections with tighter tolerances and improved VSWR performance. The RFA-4013-WB adapter kit with white bronze plating offers a convenient means to bridge type N devices to 7-16 DIN interfaces.

RF Connectors legacy DIN adapters in the RFA-4013 are silver plated. Silver offers exceptional electrical performance and low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) performance. White Bronze plating, also called tri-metal, is tarnish free with excellent electrical performance and low PIM. The hardness of White Bronze plating will stand up to multiple mating cycles. If your application requires frequent coupling and de-coupling and/or if tarnish resistance is an issue, white bronze would be the better plating choice.

All white bronze 7-16 DIN adapters are machined to exacting specifications and compare well with typical silver plated products. All adapters within the 7-16 DIN series are made of machined brass and feature Teflon® insulation and silver-plated contacts. This foam-lined, zippered kit contains six adapters:

RFD-1652-7 (7-16 DIN Male to 7-16 DIN Female R/A adapter);
RFD-1653-7 (7-16 DIN Female to 7-16 DIN Female barrel adapter);
RFD-1670-7 (7-16 DIN Male to N Male adapter);
RFD-1671-7 (7-16 DIN Male to N Female adapter);
RFD-1672-7 (7-16 DIN Female to N Male adapter); and
RFD-1673-7 (7-16 DIN Female to N Female adapter).

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