Phase stable cables

RF Precision Products’ 26.5 GHz phase stable cables offer accurate radio frequency and microwave measurements.


San Diego—Test grade cables are a must for radio frequency (RF) applications. The test cables serve as the extension of the equipments’ test ports. They provide flexibility for measuring cable assemblies or other microwave devices. It is vital to system performance that they remain stable when subjected to environmental or mechanical stresses.

Phase stable cables have triple shielding with low loss dielectric and high temp jacketing to minimize the phase effects when flexed multiple times. The connectors are made of rugged stainless steel for extended attachment and feature a strain relief support designed for armoring as an option. RF Precision Products now offers such cables for applications up to 26.5 GHz. Test charts included. Off the shelf lengths are as follows. Custom lengths are available.

• P2RFC-1055-24 (24 inch length)
• P2RFC-1055-36 (36 inch length)
• P2RFC-1055-48 (48 inch length)

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