Diesel generators introduced

Kohler Power Systems’ three new industrial diesel generators available in 350-, 400- and 500-kW units.

Kohler, Wis.—Kohler Power Systems has introduced next generation models of its industrial diesel generator lineup: new 350-, 400- and 500-kW units featuring an EPA-certified, John Deere PowerTech 13.5L generator drive engine. With these new KOHLER power generators, as well as a new 300-kW model launched in late 2010, John Deere generator drive engines now power KOHLER industrial diesel generators ranging from 20 to 500 kW.

In addition to a new generator drive engine, Kohler designed its new 350-, 400- and 500-kW diesel generators with the goal of offering more customization options, reducing installation time and shrinking the footprint of both units. To achieve those objectives, the new KOHLER diesel generators feature:

• New junction box design—up to four line circuit breaker choices standard that are able to be located on the left or right side of the generator;
• Improved access to stub-up and customer connection points, significantly reducing installation time;
• An array of Kohler-designed and manufactured generator controller choices;
• Enclosure upgrades—new weather-protective and two levels of sound-attenuated enclosure options;
• Factory-direct state/local code-ready sub-base fuel tank options; and
• Streamlined installation—generator, enclosure and fuel tank tested as a unit to give customers a true UL 2200-listed generator.

New Controller Options
A principal element of Kohler’s proven ability to support basic, complex and paralleling power systems, the new KOHLER 350-, 400- and 500-kW diesel generators are complemented by a choice of three easy-to-access, easy-to-read KOHLER Decision Maker controllers: Decision-Maker 3000 , Decision-Maker 550 and Decision-Maker 6000.

Decision-Maker 3000 Controller
Standard equipment on the new KOHLER 350-, 400- and 500-kW diesel generators, the recently introduced digital Decision-Maker 3000 controller facilitates an aesthetically and functionally clean unit in terms of generator management. Integrated into the junction box panel, Decision-Maker 3000 uses a digital design, display and interface to provide all vital operational data without aftermarket add-on devices. Additionally, controller configuration, diagnostics and software updates can all be performed using the built-in USB port. Kohler’s new controller features plug-in diagnostics monitoring, as well as a remote serial annunciator (RSA II) for NFPA 110-compliance. Kohler has also eliminated the need for a separate field circuit breaker for the alternator by programming this preventative measure into the Decision-Maker 3000. Other features include:

• Communications capability via Ethernet with Modbus and SNMP protocols for local and remote monitoring ;
• Integrated hybrid voltage regulator with +/- 0.5 percent regulation for sensitive electronics;
• Digital metering displays total power, total energy and percent of rated power; and
• Stored history of events—warnings/pre-alarms, shutdowns and successful starts, info to support maintenance and troubleshooting.

Paralleling Controller
Designed specifically for generator paralleling, Decision-Maker 6000 is the control unit engineered in concert with Kohler’s recently launched Decision-Maker Paralleling System. In a multi-generator array, each generator comes equipped with a DEC 6000. Interconnected communications facilitates power synchronization and load sharing, as well as system protective functions and breaker control through system-wide monitoring of generator frequency, voltage and load without the need for complex paralleling switchgear.

Certifications and Standards
In addition to the EPA Tier 3-certified John Deere generator drive engine, the new KOHLER 350-, 400- and 500-kW diesel generators were designed to meet industry standards including UL 2200, UL 142, National Electric Code 2010, Canadian Standards Association (CSA), South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), International Building Code (IBC) 2009, National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 110 and National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) MG1.

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