Rechargeable battery pack reduces costs

Radiodetection’s rechargeable battery pack provides flexible locating.

Charlotte, N.C., April 29, 2011—Radiodetection announces the launch of a rechargeable battery pack for their class-leading Precision Cable & Pipe Locator ranges. The new pack, compatible with all RD5000TM, RD7000+ and RD8000 models, offers both operational flexibility and improved cost-of-ownership to locating professionals.

The rechargeable pack means that operators are no longer obliged to replace, manage and recycle alkaline batteries, reducing the associated costs, workload and environmental burden.

With a run-time equivalent to the best alkaline batteries at normal operating temperatures, and significantly improved in cold temperatures where alkaline batteries can struggle, the rechargeable pack can be fully charged in only three hours and topped-up or charged on the move from vehicle lighter sockets with the optional DC charger.

The new rechargeable pack and charger are available now, and can also be specified as an option when ordering Radiodetection’s RD5000WL, RD7000+ or RD8000 precision cable and pipe locator kits.

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