Penetrating Radar System Infiltrates Numerous Surfaces

US Radar’s self-contained, sub-surface Seeker SPR penetrating radar system infiltrates numerous surfaces.

Featuring a technologically-advanced, yet simple touch screen operating system and a variety of antenna frequency options, the Seeker SPR from US Radar is an easy-to-operate, sub-surface penetrating radar system able to infiltrate numerous surfaces such as soil, clay, concrete and brick. The Seeker integrates a complete imaging system into one portable, user-friendly unit, making it a convenient and practical solution.

To accommodate a broad range of detection needs, five antenna frequency options are available and are easily interchangeable for those with multiple antenna needs. The highest resolution option, 2,000 MHz, can detect in depths up to 1.5 feet, and see the smallest objects, such as fine wire and cracks in concrete. At a lower resolution, the 1,000 MHz detects slightly larger objects including rebar and wire mesh in depths up to 3.5 feet. The most popular and versatile unit, the 500 MHz, offers a detection depth up to 14 feet and is for recognizing soil disturbances and finding large and small pipes and cables.

US Radar

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