Cable lashers for utility and telecom cables

General Machine Products’s cable lashers quickly and efficiently lash utility and telecom cables.


Trevose, Pa., May 2, 2011—General Machine Products Co. Inc. (GMP) has introduced a new line of cable lashers to its extensive line of aerial utility tools and equipment. The Apollo Lasher, the C2 Lasher, the J2 Lasher and the G Lasher are designed for the placement of new cables and lashing previously installed cables. Each come with dual wire magazines for housing stainless steel lashing wire, a 6-ft towing bridle and a storage chest. They are easy to use and built to last. Lasher components are made of steel, bronze, brass and aluminum to exacting standards and can withstand years of rugged use.

The Apollo Lasher
The Apollo Lasher can be used for telecom cable placement, which includes coaxial and FTTx cable. It can lash any telecom cable or innerduct combination up to 4 inches in diameter. This tool has parallel-pull capability that allows cable placement over geographical obstacles, such as bodies of water, ravines or across treacherous terrain. It can perform interference-free, overlashing with no modification. The Apollo Lasher has a positive slip-free drive (no belts) that was tested in excess of 1 million cycles between failures. Its design allows for easy handling and its manual clutch make for speedy span transfers.

The C2 Lasher
The C2 Lasher is a compact tool made for lashing smaller diameter aerial cables. It is well suited for new construction or cable overlashing up to a full 1 7/8 inch bundle capacity. The C2 has a style strand lock that swings out of the way for unobstructed overlashing. It also features a simple wire routing that yields either “normal” or “loose” tension. It also has a removable front handle that provides an opening of 2 1/16 inches to allow for smooth overlashing to an existing bundle.

The J2 Lasher
The J2 Lasher can lash single or multiple aerial cable bundles up to 3 inches in diameter on a suspension strand of 1/4 inch to 7/16 inches. This tool has an all-range tensioning device to optimize strand traction and high strength front and rear gates for tighter cable lashing. The J2 features a built-in mechanical brake to prevent unintended reversal and an automatic drum lock for easy span transfer.

The G Lasher
The G Lasher is the largest of GMP’s lashers and it is designed to lash large single or combination aerial cables from 2 to 5 inches to a supporting strand. This tool provides nominal spacing of 16 1/2 inches between wraps. The G Lasher has a pulling mechanism that pivots around the axis of the rear driving roller that applies the right amount of hold down force for lashing large diameter cables.

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