Shearbolt connectors for medium voltage cables

3M’s QCI Series Shearbolt Connectors eliminate need for additional tools.

The Shearbolt Connectors from 3M create a reliable, consistent connection using continuous shearing determined by contact force, not torque value. In addition, the bolt shears below the connector body because the bolt shears axially, not at a pre-defined shear point. This eliminates the need for filing and ensures the correct contact pressure. A friction plate on the bottom of the bolt prevents conductor damage while providing increased contact force.

Designed for American Wire Gauge conductors, the new Shearbolt Connectors, QCI Series, meet the requirements of ANSI C119.4 Class 2. In fact, the connectors from 3M exceed the 40 percent pull-out force required for splices by IEEE-404.

The shearbolt connectors reduce installation time and errors by eliminating the need for crimp tools or dies and reducing installation error. The connectors are ideal for applications where limited space makes it difficult to crimp or where two different conductor sizes need to be connected such as manholes, vaults and trenches for wind farms, power generation plants, refineries and utilities.

The Shearbolt Connectors, QCI Series, from 3M are available for low and medium voltage up to 46 kV and are designed to connect aluminum or copper conductors sized 2 AWG through 1000 kcmil (MCM), reducing the need and cost of maintaining a large connector inventory. In addition, these new connectors are designed to fit the Cold Shrink Splices QS-III from 3M.

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