Gas insulated switchgear

ABB launches 245 kilovolt gas insulated switchgear with compact footprint and minimum environmental impact.

Zurich, Switzerland—ABB has announced the launch of its latest generation 245 kilovolt ELK-14 series of Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS). The footprint of this latest GIS is 40 per cent less than conventional designs and it uses 20 per cent less SF6 gas compared to the previous generation, making it even more environmentally friendly than its predecessor.

Its compact design also enables the unit to be delivered as a completely assembled bay, reducing installation time by more than 60 per cent compared to traditional construction. The bays feature single-phase isolation and are delivered as fully tested and mounted on a frame. The intelligent control and protection equipment installed in the control cubicle directly at the bay is also a smart grid enabling feature.

The bay arrangement is highly flexible so that all system configurations, including subsequent expansions, can be easily and quickly implemented. The systems have been designed for a rated voltage of 253 kilovolt and can handle rated currents of up to 3,150 amperes. The versions conforming to IEC and IEEE standards have been designed to protect power networks up to a rated short-circuit (fault) current of up to 50 kiloamperes. The new ELK-14 design also facilitates more convenient accessibility to the operating mechanisms located in the front of the bay and positioning of the current transformers outside the gas compartments.

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