Coax stripper prevents bad cable connections

New IDEAL coax stripper helps prevent poor connections that lead to video reception problems.


Sycamore, Ill., May 4, 2011—More than 70 percent of video reception problems can be traced to a bad cable connection. Lots of times, the culprit is a badly stripped length of cable.

IDEAL is helping to assure better connections by introducing its new 45-321 coax stripper expressly designed to perform cleaner, faster 1/4" x 1/4" strips of RG-6/6 quad and RG-59 coax cables used in the transmission of cable television, satellite broadcasting and analog CCTV signals.

The new stripper features a self-adjusting blade that instantly conforms to different diameter coax cables, resulting in higher accuracy at a lower overall cost of installation. The 45-321 has a spinner ring that orbits the full circumference of the cable to deliver faster stripping without compromising precision. Comfort is key to any successful hand tool. The 45-321 is ergonomically shaped, lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It is also compact in size so it fits easily inside a pocket or tool tote.

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