Super Adhesive Labels Stick to Polyethylene

Super Adhesive labels from William Frick & Co. stick to HDPE, LDPE and other polymer surfaces.

Super Adhesive labels from William Frick & Co. stick to HDPE, LDPE and other polymer surfaces. Using aggressive adhesives they bond to plastics, textured and contoured surfaces, bare or powder-coated metals and even slightly oily surfaces. Available with your choice of headers and custom messages, they offer a convenient way to mark telecommunication pedestals, cabinets and enclosures.

"Multiple customers in the telecom and electric markets have the same problem: Standard labels don't stick to the new polyethylene enclosures." explained Evie Bennett, Vice President of the Libertyville based manufacturer. "Plasticizers make this a very difficult surface to stick to. We've tested different blends of permanent adhesives on different types of plastics, metals, and even fiberglass. We found the right formulas that will stick and constructions that last 7-15 years in outdoor environments."

Frick's special adhesives can be used with vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate and reflective facestocks to create labels for multiple applications. Available in almost any color, shape and size, they can incorporate barcodes, serialized information, or SmartMark™ RFID chips for asset marking and inspection purposes. Custom laminations for added durability give them an outdoor service life of up to 10 years. And, Frick's labeling experts are always available to help you create a customized solution for your particular application or environment.

Superior adhesion to metals, plastics and difficult surfaces

In addition to super adhesive backed labels, the company offers a wide variety of specialty adhesives suited for cold-weather application, refrigerated environments or specific surface types. Adhesives designed for easy removal and heat or chemical resistance are also available. Some typical applications include:

Telecom Pedestal & Cabinet Labels

Barcode Labels
Harsh Environment Labels

Danger/Warning/Attention/Caution Labels - Available with your choice of headers and messages.

William Frick and Co. labels are designed to last in extreme environments. Water, oil, solvent, and chemical resistant labels as well as all-weather constructions are Frick specialties. For more information on super adhesive backed labels, or to place an order, contact William Frick & Co. at (866) 669-7590 and talk with one of their experts or visit

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William Frick & Company is the leading custom label, marking and graphics resource. Producing durable products and RFID solutions for a wide range of industrial, commercial and logistical applications, the company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and has been in business since 1975. For information regarding all of William Frick and Company's quality products and services, visit or call (866) 669-7590 and speak to a sales representative.

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