L-com Offers Bulk-Packaged Connectors

D-Subminiature and HD Connectors Available

L-com, a global leader in the manufacture of wired and wireless connectivity solutions, announced the availability of bulk packaged connectors for its D-Subminiature and HD connector product lines. Packaged trays of 40, 50 or 70 pieces will provide cost savings and convenience to customers.

"Ordering bulk-pack connectors direct from the factory will save customers both time and money," said Steve Smith, product manager for L-com's D-Subminiature line.

L-com's D-Subminiature product line includes serial cables, printer cables, switch boxes and D-Subminiature adapters/gender changers and connectors. Hard-to-find items such as double shielded cables, high-density D-Subminiature cables and adapters, panel-mount cables and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacketed cables are available as well.

Bulk cable from the D-Subminiature, fiber optic, coaxial and modular/telecom product families is also offered.

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