North Coast Electric's Tool Division Hits the Road!

The truck is outfitted with demonstration tools and accessories; virtually everything an electrician could want or dream of is on board. With a 26' long box there is plenty of room for power and hand tools, pipe benders, wire pullers, cutting tools and much, much more. The ceiling has over 300 (and growing) electricians hand tools displayed, enough to complete any tradesman's tool bag.

Utility Integration Solutions, Inc. (UISOL) announced that CEO Ali Vojdani will be representing UISOL at two upcoming utility industry events in Canada. Vojdani will be presenting a paper on utility integration strategies at the IEEE Electrical Power & Energy Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia on October 7th and a paper on demand response (DR) integration at the EUCI Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Conference in Toronto, Ontario on October 9th.

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