Safety products: Network attack protection

Utility safety: Belden enhances efficiency of automation networks: New Hirschmann operating system HiOS 3.0 ensures a high level of network availability and provides all-round protection against network attacks.

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Safety equipment: Belden Inc., a provider of signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has extended its Hirschmann product program to include the new HiOS operating system release 3.0. This operating system provides extensive redundancy and security functions that bring high network availability and data security, thus ensuring efficient production processes. Moreover, HiOS further extends the scope of applications for switches, particularly in the energy sector. Other areas such as the automotive and transportation industries can also benefit in terms of more efficient automation networks. HiOS 3.0 is available for Rail Switch Power (RSP), Rail Switch Power Lite (RSPL), Rail Switch Power Smart (RSPS) and Embedded Ethernet Switch (EES) families of switches plus modular MICE Switch Power (MSP) systems.

New functions added to the operating system include support for the Multiple MAC Registration Protocol (MMRP), which runs on top of the Security Layer and registers group MAC addresses (e.g. for Multicast) on multiple switches. In the energy sector, an IEC 61850 server can be used to transfer diagnostic information directly, for example to control systems. This means that applications such as protection devices can utilize Hirschmann switches as integral components. “Because HiOS 3.0 provides by far the largest range of standard functions in automation, this operating system turns Hirschmann switches into the most powerful Industrial Ethernet devices on the market,” says Product Manager Jürgen Schmid.

The redundancy methods include PRP (parallel redundancy protocol) and HSR (high available seamless ring). Their ³switching times² of 0 ms ensure absolutely uninterrupted data communication. This operating system also supports link aggregation and allows combinations of multiple rings, ensuringfast network redundancy that meets the required standards. The supported security mechanisms include authentication, RADIUS, role-based access, port security, Secure Shell (SSHv2), Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Access Control List (ACL).

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