Electrical tools: Crimping tool from Greenlee

Utility tools: Greenlee’s EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool features PowerSense technology

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Utility supplies: Greenlee continues to drive efficiency and productivity by delivering the world’s first battery-powered crimping tool with PowerSense Technology, the EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool. The new lightweight tool can deliver 3,400 pounds of crimping force and crimps 65 percent faster with 90 percent less hand force compared to ratcheting tools.

The EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool is designed to crimp 28 ­ 4 AWG wire, twisted pair and coaxial cable using PowerSense Technology, a patented trigger that allows the user to hold their work in the jaws of the tool before crimping. Powered by a compact 10.8V Lithium-Ion battery, the EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool can perform 250 crimps on 10 AWG wire.

The EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool offers three simple steps to complete a crimp:

1. Manual Clamping: Pull the PowerSense Technology trigger part-way and adjust material to ideal position before crimping.
2. Motorized Crimping: Depress the PowerSense Technology trigger completely to activate the motorized crimp.
3. Complete: Release the PowerSense Technology trigger and the jaws will open automatically.

The EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool comes in two models with different jaw sizes. The EK50ML120 has a 12 mm jaw and the EK50ML138, has a 13.8 jaw. Greenlee also offers 42 die sets throughout the Kwik Cycle® and CrimpALL® lines to perform almost all small diameter crimping jobs. The dies must be purchased separately.

The EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool utilizes Greenlee’s Gator Eye technology, which monitors statistical performance of all cycles, the integrity of operations, and also manage inventory with user identifiable information.

Areas of application for the EK50ML Micro Crimping Tool include, but are not limited to, harness manufacturers, panel shops, prefab shops, motor/generator manufacturers, MRO’s, appliance manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers, automotive wiring, HVAC, and electrical wiring manufacturers.

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