Wire stripper for electricians working with Romex cable in tight spaces

Electrician tools: IDEAL Electrical, a provider of tools and supplies for electricians, now offers a wire stripper that makes stripping Romex® cable faster, easier and more accurate when working inside tight, confined spaces.

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Utility tools: IDEAL Electrical, a trusted leader in professional-grade tools and supplies for electricians, is now offering a wire stripper that makes stripping Romex® cable faster, easier and more accurate when working inside tight, confined spaces.

The IDEAL T-90 wire stripper addresses the requirements of electricians accessing cramped junction boxes, electrical cabinets and other enclosures, as well as inside restrictive building structures. Featuring a 90° bent nose, it eliminates the need to angle either the tool or the wire to strip Romex cable, letting the electrician precisely cut and quickly remove the nonmetallic cable's outer jacket with a straight pull. Straight pull removal is far less fatiguing than a side twist wrist motion.

The multi-functional T-90 (Catalog# 45-649) has precision-ground, knife type blades for clean, accurate stripping of Romex cable in a range of 12-2 AWG, as well as standard 12-2 solid and 18 AWG stranded wire. Easy-to-read laser markings and convenient looping holes make even the most challenging jobs trouble-free. The black oxide finish on the blades resists damaging corrosion and promises day-to-day reliability and a long service life. Contoured, cushioned grips provide ergonomic comfort for all-day use.

IDEAL Electrical's trusted, innovative products are proudly manufactured in America. Best known for its wire connectors, a go-to standard for electrical connections around the world, IDEAL Electrical innovations also touch the sky, as nearly every commercial jet flying today was made using IDEAL INDUSTRIES wire strippers. IDEAL Electrical is proud to produce these innovative products for skilled tradesmen around the world, keeping them ahead of the challenges and changes of their respective industries.

Although IDEAL Electrical is where the IDEAL journey first began, it has grown into its own entity and our family of companies has become much more than just a manufacturer of electrical components. Known mostly for its iconic wire strippers and wire connectors, IDEAL Electrical has been an industry leader for nearly 100 years. Since starting out in a small, family kitchen in 1916, IDEAL Electric has become a global leader in electrical connection and manufacturing, continuing to innovate for the electrical industries of tomorrow.

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