Utility tools: Temperature calibrators from GE

Utility equipment: High accuracy temperature calibrators from GE are available in dry block and liquid bath versions.

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Utility supplies: GE Measurement & Control announced new high performance temperature calibrators from the GE Druck family of products. The calibrators provide high accuracy, stable temperature reference to help achieve optimum operation of temperature sensors and instrumentation. The high performance calibrators are the latest additions to GE’s integrated calibration and communication solutions platform and are designed for use throughout the power generation, process, industrial, oil and gas, and general engineering sectors. When used in conjunction with a multi-function calibrator, such as GE’s Genii, an instrument technician can cover more than 80 percent of all calibration tasks, including those relating to HART and Fieldbus devices, with just two portable instruments.

The new series includes four, easy-to-use temperature calibrators: two Dry Blocks; and two Liquid Baths. The Dry Block calibrators cover a temperature range of -35oC to 650oC. They incorporate the latest metal block and electronic control technology to achieve accuracy to 0.2oC with a stability of 0.05oC and rapid heating and cooling to improve productivity. They offer a choice of precision-bored, interchangeable well inserts to accommodate a wide range of test devices.

The Liquid Bath temperature calibrators cover a temperature range of -35C to 255C. They feature a large capacity bath to accept irregularly shaped or multiple devices. The large capacity bath can be removed to allow a new bath to be inserted if the heating fluid needs to be changed. The bath has a leak-proof cover for transportation. With a stability of 0.05C and accuracy to 0.1C, these versatile temperature calibrators are multifunctional and can be used as a black body source and as a Dry Block with interchangeable inserts.

“These new high performance temperature calibrators offer true accuracy, without the need of a reference probe, as the accuracy specified takes into account all the sources of inaccuracy, which must often be considered additionally with competitive calibrators,” said Michael Shelton, product manager at GE.

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