Utility equipment: Ethernet switch line for 802.11ac wireless LAN deployments

Energy management: Vitesse introduces SparX-IV Ethernet switch line. optimized for 802.11ac wireless LAN deployments.

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Utility supplies: According to Gartner Research, 90% of organizations will allow personal devices for work use by the end of 2014. BYOD and the need for wireless LAN networks (WLAN) with sufficient capacity to support them is a key driver behind 802.11ac upgrades to 5G, or Gigabit, Wi-Fi in the Enterprise.

To advance these WLAN upgrades, Vitesse Semiconductor introduced its SparX-IV line - VSC7442, VSC7444 and VSC7448 - the industry's only Ethernet switches optimized for 802.11ac WLAN Enterprise deployments. Ideal for Gigabit Wi-Fi access and aggregation, the new SparX-IV Ethernet switches are also well-suited for industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications including motion control, factory automation and smart grid.

"BYOD and mobile use in Enterprise environments dramatically change infrastructure requirements for businesses," said Eric Klein, senior analyst at VDC Research. "We expect Wave 2 802.11ac upgrades to accelerate as Enterprises seek to provide that high-quality, consistent and secure user experience that allows workers to be more productive while mobile. There's significant advantage to solutions like Vitesse's in that Enterprises can avoid costly forklift upgrades to their infrastructures and still efficiently and effectively provision the Gigabit speeds afforded by .11ac."

Vitesse's SparX-IV Ethernet switches deliver advanced feature integration including:

• High Density Port Configurations: The SparX-IV Ethernet switches can be flexibly configured based on connectivity needs for 1G or 2.5G Ethernet uplinks;
• Sophisticated Traffic Classification: Featuring a highly optimized TCAM architecture with more classification capabilities than the competition, the SparX-IV family readily enables policy management and policy-based traffic engineering;
• Expanded Routing & Layer 3 Support: With added Layer 3 routing support, the SparX-IV Ethernet switches offer larger routing tables than comparable options, giving customers unprecedented flexibility in Quality of Service (QoS) and IPv4/IPv6 routes; and
• Ruggedized For Industrial Environments: The SparX-IV family is industrial-hardened for rugged environments: industrial temperature range support for operating temperatures of -40°C to 125°C; VeriTime IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization; and hardware-based failover performance.

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