Utility supplies: Wireless bridge and mesh router from ABB

Utility equipment: ABB introduces Tropos 1410-DIN wireless bridge and mesh router. Designed for industrial automation applications, the Tropos 1410-DIN is designed to be installed in enclosures using standard DIN rail mounting.

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Utility tools: ABB Tropos Wireless Communication Systems announces the Tropos 1410-DIN industrial automation wireless bridge and mesh router. The Tropos 1410-DIN is a version of the Tropos 1410 that is suitable for installation in a wide variety of process control, energy and industrial automation systems. It can be installed in enclosures using standard DIN rail mounting. The Tropos 1410-DIN extends the functionality of Tropos mesh networks to devices where installation of standalone Tropos routers is impractical.

Tropos mesh networks deliver reliable, secure, low latency, broadband wireless connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. The Tropos 1410-DIN enables automation devices to access Tropos networks without the need for external, pole-mounted equipment. The Tropos 1410-DIN can be conveniently installed in devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), electrical distribution relay cabinets and pad-mounted transformers.

The Tropos 1410-DIN enables automation devices to communicate with other devices and with central computing applications such as SCADA systems. It also allows workers with Wi-Fi equipped laptops or tablets to communicate with automation devices wirelessly, rather than having to be close enough to the device to plug into it with a cable.

“As demand for Tropos wireless mesh networks in industrial applications grows, we’ve responded to the market by offering the Tropos 1410 in a form factor used by standard enclosures for process control systems,” said Mike Bailey, senior vice president of engineering and operations for ABB Tropos Wireless Communication Systems. “The Tropos 1410-DIN will enable more industrial facilities and applications to reap the benefits of broadband wireless mesh networks.”

The Tropos 1410-DIN is designed to mount on an industry standard Top Hat EN 50022 DIN rail. It can be mounted in two different orientations providing design freedom for the integrator. Its DIN rail clips are removable, allowing the unit to be surface mounted.

The Tropos 1410-DIN is Class I, Division 2 (US) and Class I, Zone 2 (US and Canada) certified. It can be used in hazardous locations when installed in a certified enclosure.

The Tropos 1410-DIN wireless bridge and mesh router features one 2.4 GHz radio. It also supports wired Ethernet and serial interfaces as well as protocol conversion for DNP3 and Modbus. The Tropos 1410-DIN will initially be available in FCC and ETSI versions.

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