Utility equipment: ABB introduces Micropole distribution transformer to US market

Electrical distribution: ABB’s single-phase, pole-mounted “Micropole” distribution transformer for 3 kVA or less; designed for small or isolated load applications, providing efficient, reliable power.

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Electrical distribution equipment: ABB has announced that a new Micropole transformer for small, isolated load applications is now available in the US market. The Micropole distribution transformer is a single phase, pole mounted distribution transformer for 3 kVA or less.

Replacing under-utilized high kVA pole-mounted transformers with a Micropole reduces system losses in light-load applications up to three times less no-load losses compared to a 10kVA unit. The small, lightweight design provides ease of handling during installation and uses less pole space. The Micropole transformer is fully tested in line with IEEE oil-filled distribution transformer standards and is designed to fit customer needs.

The Micropole transformer can be used as an integral part of a standard recloser and switched capacitor bank installation for control voltage. Its small size simplifies siting and installation of capacitor banks. The Micropole can replace oversized, under-utilized transformers while saving costs and losses.

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