80-piece insulated tool set for electricians

Wiha Tools has introduced new 1000Volt 80-piece Master Electrician’s insulated tool set.

insulated tools
insulated tools

Monticello, Minn.—Wiha Tools has introduced NEW 1000Volt 80-piece Master Electrician’s Insulated Tool Set. Insulation visually inspected for appearance and integrity. Every tool is tested for puncture penetration and low temperature impact resistance. Insulation is tested for adhesion to make sure it is properly applied to the tools when kept in a temperature of +70OC. The insulating materials are also flame retardant in order to prevent risk from fire or spark over. 10,000Volt tested, 1000Volt rated.

For more information about Wiha Tools or other insulated tools, click here to go to Utility Products' Buyers Guide.

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