IDEAL introduces LanTEK II cable certifiers

Next generation testers allow technicians to certify LAN cabling to TIA, ISO and IEC performance standards up to 1GHz in as little as 14 seconds.

cable certifiers
cable certifiers

Sycamore, Ill.—IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC., a data communications technology company, has announced its latest generation of LAN cable certifiers—the LanTEK II. This new line of three certifiers provides performance certification of LAN cabling to TIA, ISO and IEC performance standards, making it the most comprehensive line of cable certifiers in the industry.

"With three models to meet copper certification requirements from 350 to 500 to 1000 MHz, and full fiber optic certification of multi-mode and single mode fiber optic cabling, our new line of LanTEK II certifiers offer an all-inclusive solution for installation, maintenance and certification of LAN cabling," said Dan Payerle, Business Unit Manager of IDEAL's DataComm Test Division.

IDEAL LanTEK II certifiers deliver high performance, diagnostics and speed. Complete Category 6/ISO Class E tests are performed in only 14 seconds, including the saving of full graphical data. Test results are displayed on an ultra-bright, high-resolution LCD that facilitates faster analysis and easier navigation of the graphical user interface.

LanTEK II cable certifiers supersede the LanTEK series and represent the sixth generation of LAN cable certifiers offered by IDEAL following its 2001 acquisition of the LAN Certifier Division of Wavetek.

The three models of the LanTEK II allow users to certify all LAN cabling performance categories:

• LanTEK II-350 certifies applications up to 350 MHz which includes Category 5E and 6 (ISO Class D and E);
• LanTEK II-500 with a frequency range of 500 MHz supports Category 6A and ISO Class EA;
• LanTEK II-1000 sweeps to a full 1 GHz for ISO Class FA and other mixed media applications such as CATV over twisted pair.

The hardware of the LanTEK II achieves many dramatic improvements over its predecessor, such as the large 4.3” WQVGA display with bright, energy-efficient white LED backlighting that is viewable in any lighting condition and at a nearly 180 degree viewing angle. In addition, a new lithium ion battery reduces weight and increases work time to an amazing 18 hours between charges. The batteries feature two charging modes: a standard 8 hour charge when the battery is charged in the handset, or for a fast 4 hour charge, simply remove the battery from the handset and plug the power cord directly into the battery.

To meet the expanding storage needs of technicians, the LanTEK II features a large internal memory with capacity for up to 1,700 Category 6 measurements with graphs. Plus, the certifier’s standard USB interface supports USB keychain memory drives for quick offloading of saved tests. Push-to-talk (PTT) functionality with the included talk sets eliminates annoying noise.

Like the previous generation, LanTEK II still features the patented measurement system which unlike any other certifier allows both channel and permanent link measurements with a single universal test adapter. Users can simply replace the high quality patch cords with a new set of off-the-shelf cords rather than replace costly proprietary modules or hard-wired link adapters.

LanTEK II also continues to offer the patented DualMODE measurement system that allows a copper link to be tested against two different performance standards with a single Autotest. This makes it easy to test a link to current standards as well as measure the performance margin against future standards with higher performance requirements, all while adding only 1 second to the Autotest time.

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