ProView NXG software platform unifies controls

Cooper Power Systems unifies regulator, capacitor, and switchgear controls with easy-to-use ProView NXG software platform. The CL-6 regulator control, now using standardized platform, provides customers improved communication and familiar functionality while delivering consistent high-quality power.

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Waukesha, WI—Cooper Power Systems, a provider of power delivery, power quality, power reliability and end-point automation, extends the number of controls using the company’s ProView NXG software platform. Now controls for regulators, capacitors and switchgear can easily communicate with each other, supporting Integrated Volt/VAR (IVVC) systems and other smarter grid enhancements. In addition, a consistent look and functionality across the controls can reduce training costs and increase familiarity across controls.

The recent release of ProView NXG for the CL-6 Series voltage regulator control provides flexible modes of operation, making the control adaptable to even the most complex systems, including distributed generation, yet is simple enough to allow for easy installation. Advanced features such as Programmable Input/Outputs (PIO) create nearly unlimited adaptability to meet most any voltage regulation requirement.

“A single software download now equips a user to communicate with all voltage regulator, capacitor and switchgear controls that utilize the ProView NXG platform. This saves valuable time and effort spent tracking multiple software platforms,” said Mark Thurman, president, Cooper Power Systems, a division of Cooper Industries plc (NYSE: CBE). “We not only manufacture the apparatus to perform the functions needed for the smart grid, we are constantly improving our controls and communications to make the system function seamlessly together.”

The CL-6 Series control provides clear information at a glance with the Metering-Plus feature which allows for instant access to commonly used information. A Motor Trouble Diagnostic will alert customers to apparatus problems before they incur costs and can reduce the need for expensive manual operations checks. Smart Grid enhancing features of the CL-6 Series voltage regulator control include alternate configuration settings, Adaptive ADD-AMP, improved communications programmability, and enhanced ARL (Auto-Restore-Local) that restores auto operation and settings upon loss of communications. SCADA ready, the CL-6 control will integrate easily into existing systems. This powerful software enhances functionality for computers equipped with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

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