Radio Ohmstik live-line power quality meter

SensorLink has released the Radio Ohmstik to all utility markets. This live-line micro ohmmeter communicates by radio and provides engineers with data to predict connector failure years in advance.

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Ferndale, Wash.—SensorLink Corporation’s Radio Ohmstik is available for micro-ohm measurements in utility environments up to 500kV. This unit is designed to measure the micro-ohm resistance of conductors, connectors and splices on energized, high voltage lines and transmits the data to both a remote display unit and to a computer. The radio upgrade vastly improves the speed and efficiency to collect resistance readings of transmission splices.

The remote display unit may be mounted directly to the hot stick so the user is able to receive instant feedback on the measurement. Simultaneously, the same data is transmitted to the Radio Ohmstik Software that is running the user’s computer. With the provided GPS USB device installed, measurement and location data is automatically written and saved to a comma separated (CVS) file for future analysis.

The Radio Ohmstik may be used on almost any connection in a utility, either at installation or surveyed after years of usage. The direct resistance measurement is much more exact than infrared thermography. It is not subject to emissivity, cooling from wind, current loading, and other influences that cause infrared errors.

Deterioration is due to increases in resistance of the connection. High resistance can be produced by heavy loading and fault currents that heat the interface, even if only temporarily or for a few cycles. Other factors of deterioration are the oxidation of the interfaces during thermal expansion and cooling, and by corrosion and accelerated by moisture and chemicals that get between the strands. These influences will accelerate the deterioration of connectors that are not installed properly.

Research data on connector reliability indicates that there will be further problems with unexpected failures than have occurred in the past. These failures come at a time when the need for reliability is essential. The Radio Ohmstik gives users information to predict a failure years in advance, allowing for replacement on a planned basis, before failure occurs.

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