CBC-8000 capacitor bank control delivers automation and efficiency

Cooper Power Systems’ new CBC-8000 capacitor bank control is built to adapt to evolving challenges from the smarter grid.

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Waukesha, Wis.—The new CBC-8000 capacitor bank control, the newest member of a line of fully integrated controls developed by Cooper Power Systems, features a modular, universal design capable of being deployed as a single, stand-alone field device or as an integrated part of an entire automation solution to enhance grid efficiency and power quality. The CBC-8000 control can easily adapt to changes in the distribution system without hardware upgrades.

“Utilities need intelligent solutions to improve distribution system voltages and power factor in order to manage generation demand and energy consumption while maintaining power quality,” said Mark Thurman, president, Cooper Power Systems. “The CBC-8000 is an easy-to-configure-and-maintain Smart Grid control, and maximizes long-term return on investment as the Smart Grid expands and networks evolve. This control improves energy efficiency and system voltages in the distribution system, and as a result, a greater percentage of energy is delivered to paying customers.”

The CBC-8000 control is specifically designed for remote operation and retrieval of field measurement data for analysis by integrated Volt/VAR applications. This highly flexible and programmable control delivers three-phase site measurements and neutral current sensing. Each CBC-8000 also supports independent conservation voltage reduction (CVR) thresholds, and easy integration into a variety of communication radios, radio networks, and SCADA or DMS systems.

The control is available radio-ready or with a utility radio installed at the factory. Configurations can be upgraded or downloaded through Cooper Power Systems ProView NXG software utilizing the control’s local USB connection, or remotely from the office using radio communications. The CBC-8000 meets IEC standards supporting 120/240 Volt and 50/60 Hz electrical systems for global applications.

Cooper Power Systems, a leader in electrical power delivery and reliability solutions for the utility, commercial, and industrial markets, offers the full suite of power quality software and apparatus to support Volt/VAR management solutions with unparalleled expertise to make automation seamless with Yukon Volt/VAR Management automation software, CBC-8000 capacitor bank control, capacitor banks, CL-6B voltage regulator controls, and voltage regulators.

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