Utility pole protection

Utility pole protection sleeves from Polesaver are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and quickly and easily applied on site or in factory.

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Polesaver sleeves, for utility pole protection, are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and are quickly and easily applied on site or in factory. The weakest place on wooden poles is the ground line section where conditions for rot, decay and termite attack are ideal—leading to pole breakage and failure at this section while the remaining 90% of the pole is still perfectly serviceable.

Polesaver utility pole sleeves prevent this problem from occurring. Independently tested and proven in service over 20 years on millions of posts and poles, patented Polesaver sleeves keep out the causes of rot, decay and termite attack at the vulnerable ground line section of the pole, giving a substantial extension in utility pole life—typically of 10 years or more.

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