Company improves management of service orders and outages

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative streamlines field service operations with Clevest Mobile Solution that unifies multiple enterprise applications.

Clevest Solutions Inc., a provider of mobile workforce automation software including smart grid operations exclusively for the utility industry, announced that Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) has successfully deployed its combined Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems, integrated with enterprise systems from Partner Software, Daffron and DataVoice, to improve the management of day-to-day service orders and outages for members in eight counties in Virginia.

By leveraging the Clevest mobile platform as an integration hub for its enterprise application suite, SVEC dispatchers and supervisors use Partner Software's solution for a map-based view of service orders generated by the utility's Daffron CIS. In real-time, they can direct the assignment of orders to crews, monitor the progress of work throughout the day, and redirect field resources as required. When outages occur, the solution is notified by SVEC's DataVoice outage management system (OMS) and determines the best crew(s) for the work. Within seconds, crews have the details required to respond and, during the restoration process, they communicate critical information to the office in real-time until the power is back on.

"The SVEC implementation calls attention to the highly configurable nature and easy integration of the Clevest application suite," indicated Doug Engerman, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, Clevest. "By leveraging configuration options as opposed to custom programming, a time-consuming and costly process, we adapted our mobile solutions to correspond with SVEC's Daffron system for service orders, its DataVoice system for outage events and its Partner Software system for a map-based view of work. Utilities need technology that can be easily and cost-effectively fitted to support their existing business and IT environment and the Clevest platform repeatedly delivers this type of flexibility."

Wayne Hannah, Vice President of Information Technology, SVEC, emphasized, "With Clevest, we now have a single mobile solution that unifies our enterprise applications suite to support all types of utility field work, from fast-paced, high pressure outage tickets to the full range of service work we perform. And, by integrating Clevest's AVL system, our team in the office has real-time visibility into field operations. The fully integrated solution affords us signficant new opportunities to increase our overall productivity and service delivery."

With the single Clevest platform that integrates MWFM and AVL technologies, utilities have a comprehensive, dynamic view of their asset infrastructure and the full range of field activities, from performing meter service work to restoring outages to managing a mass deployment of smart meters. By using wireless communications to link field workers with mobile supervisors and the dispatch center, utilities can improve both operational decisions and efficiency.

Clevest provides software for mobile workforce automation and smart grid operations exclusively for electric, gas and water utilities. Over 125 utilities worldwide have chosen Clevest to transform their field operations by harnessing the power of our software and deep domain knowledge of mobile computing and utility operations. Clevest’s platform powers a product suite that includes mobile workforce management, real-time automated vehicle location, meter reading solutions and a patent-pending configuration tool, as well as the only complete solution for smart grid deployment operations and maintenance activities.

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