UtilityIQ Voltage Optimizer

Silver Spring Networks delivers new UtilityIQ Voltage Optimizer, doubles energy savings and reduces energy waste to deliver more value. Turnkey conservation voltage reduction (CVR) solution unleashes more value from existing investments.

Redwood City, Calif.—Silver Spring Networks, a networking platform and solutions provider for smart energy networks, has unveiled UtilityIQ Voltage Optimizer, a turnkey conservation voltage reduction (CVR) solution for utilities to optimize voltage levels across their smart grids. This new solution, in conjunction with Dominion Voltage Inc’s EDGE software, leverages real-time, premise-level smart grid data to understand voltage levels across the distribution network and dynamically adjust grid devices to minimize energy waste. UtilityIQ Voltage Optimizer uses the distributed intelligence throughout the standards-based Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform to unlock even more value from utilities’ existing smart grid investments—delivering up to double the energy savings.

“Voltage optimization is a mission critical issue for efficient and reliable day to day operations,” said Anil Gadre, Executive Vice President of Products, Silver Spring Networks. “Silver Spring’s standards-based network is able to provide real-time, premise-level data which allows UtilityIQ Voltage Optimizer to generate the insights necessary to make operational decisions and take actions to drive meaningful savings.”

“Dominion Voltage Inc. is pleased to be working with Silver Spring Networks on bringing the EDGE technology to more customers in the utility industry,” said Todd Headlee, Executive Director at Dominion Voltage Inc. “We believe Silver Spring’s powerful and open network can be an excellent showcase for the advances we have made and we believe there are large operational savings to be gained.”

The UtilityIQ Voltage Optimizer solution leverages the distributed intelligence of Silver Spring Communications Modules already deployed across the network, thus requiring no new voltage sensors throughout the grid. UtilityIQ Voltage Optimizer combines real-time voltage level alerts from UtilityIQ Power Monitor with polled data from UtilityIQ Advanced Metering Manager. Together, these data create a holistic understanding of at-premise voltage levels throughout the distribution network. Dominion Voltage Inc.¹s EDGE software, which is fully integrated into the solution, then analyzes that data to identify areas where it can tune Distribution Automation (DA) devices and optimize voltage levels. Silver Spring and Dominion Voltage Inc. closely collaborated to develop the integrated solution as part of the Silver Spring Partner Program.

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