CEIVA Energy Display enables real-time dialogue for utilities and customers

CEIVA Energy adds two-way communication capabilities, enabling real-time dialogue between utilities and customers.

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Burbank, Calif.—CEIVA Energy, a home energy-management solution, has announced new features enabling utilities to better communicate with their customers via the CEIVA Energy Display.

“We believe it is important to create opportunities for utilities to engage with their customers on a regular basis, and not just about energy usage, so that users become accustomed to checking the display,” said Dean Schiller, founder and CEO of CEIVA Energy. “The CEIVA Energy Display’s new communications features can be used for emergency alerts—for example, to warn customers about extreme weather conditions such as the recent tornados in the Midwest—or to promote community events such as local farmer’s markets.”

Utilities will be able to schedule informational, promotional and educational slides to be displayed on customers’ connected frames in a non-intrusive way, from emergency alerts and upcoming community events to sharing tips about how to reduce energy consumption. CEIVA Energy offers utilities a completely customizable communications portal, allowing them to control the content, duration and frequency of the information delivered through the CEIVA Energy Display, which seamlessly integrates with the customers’ personal photos. CEIVA Energy offers three levels of alert types, from low to high priority, including slide show alert, text ticker and screen takeover (with the option of having customers acknowledge the message via remote).

Through customized slides on the CEIVA Energy Display, utilities and municipalities will also be able to market community programs, from summer concert series to community clean-up activities.

Launched by the inventors of the CEIVA connected photo frame, the user-friendly CEIVA Energy Display leverages smart grid technology to send real-time energy usage information to customers’ CEIVA connected frame in a compelling and entertaining way.

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