Integrated fiber inspection and analysis solutions

AFL announces its new NOYES FOCIS line of integrated fiber inspection and analysis solutions.

May 8th, 2012
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Spartanburg, S.C. and Lowell, Mass.—AFL announces the release of its new NOYES FOCIS line of integrated fiber inspection and analysis solutions. Intended for use by network installers, maintenance and node activation personnel, FOCIS enables users to view, capture, store, recall, review and share fiber endface images and document the fact that fiber connections are contamination free. Its unique, patent-pending image pairing capability lets users document before/after, input/output, jumper/bulkhead and as-built/as-found fiber installation and maintenance scenarios. FOCIS solutions are designed to be rugged, field-ready and are backed by a comprehensive warranty and optional warranty extension programs. FOCIS kits are available for PC/UPC, APC and MPO/MTP fiber connector configurations.

"Fiber optic network performance depends on clean fiber connections and cleanliness will become paramount as the use of higher data rates and multiplexed wavelengths grows," said Bill Thompson, marketing director at AFL's NOYES Test and Inspection Division. "Our new FOCIS solutions combine the power of laptop-based inspection systems with the simplicity, ruggedness and ergonomics of live-only fiber viewers. When combined with our One-Click cleaning products, FOCIS inspection and analysis solutions enable users to achieve the contamination-free fiber connections they require."

FOCIS kits consist of a custom-designed touchscreen tablet, a digital video fiber inspection probe and AFL SimpleViewPlus inspection software. FOCIS systems are easy to operate and employ a user interface that mimics smartphones and personal navigation systems. Over 1,000 images may be stored and image files may be transferred to other devices via off-the-shelf USB memory sticks or SD cards. FOCIS solutions are packed in a hard-side carry case that keeps all inspection and cleaning components at hand and ready for use.

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