Utilities improve grid reliability and efficiency with new solution

S&C Electric Co., a smart grid company, launches new solutions to help utilities realize a self-healing smart grid.

Chicago—S&C Electric Company, a smart grid company shaping the future of reliable electric delivery, has launched new solutions to help utilities realize a self-healing smart grid. These products help reduce outage time and give utilities better grid management capabilities, ultimately improving the reliability and efficiency of power delivery for customers.

“Grid reliability and efficiency are always priorities for electric utilities,” says Mike Edmonds, S&C Vice President – Strategic Solutions. “The latest additions to S&C’s smart grid portfolio make it possible for utilities to improve both reliability and efficiency and manage the deployment of grid automation.”

The new product advancements integrate automatic restoration with grid optimization solutions. Also, enhanced communications system tools help simplify the management of distribution automation solutions for utilities.

TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Recloser

TripSaver II is the next generation of S&C’s protection products for utility distribution grids. TripSaver II brings distributed intelligence to secondary distribution lines, reducing outage durations and improving reliability. New features expand its application range and allow for use in more places on the grid, including a higher 6.3 kA fault-interrupting rating and a lower minimum trip current of 5 amperes. It also offers additional indicators that simplify use for operating personnel.

“TripSaver II provides an economical approach toward automating secondary electric distribution lines. Secondary lines typically don’t serve enough load to justify the cost of a full-scale distribution automation solution,” says Phil Fahey, S&C Vice President – Switching and Protection Products. “It’s a self-contained, factory-programmed solution that utilities can quickly and easily deploy in the field.”

Integrated Solutions for Automatic Restoration and Grid Optimization

S&C also announces new features for its IntelliTeam VV Volt-Var Optimization System, which is now easily integrated with automatic restoration applications such as S&C’s IntelliTeam SG. IntelliTeam VV can now track the status of automated switching devices. When it observes that automated switches have operated in response to an outage, IntelliTeam VV updates the system topology and then continues its optimization algorithm.

“Grid-based applications like IntelliTeam VV give utilities control to realize efficiency improvements and, thus, cost savings,” says Chris McCarthy, Director – Automation Systems, S&C. “This new functionality takes IntelliTeam VV a step further with optimization based on the real-time configuration of the grid, which provides even greater improvements in grid efficiency and reliability.”

Enhanced Communication Systems for DA Deployment

In addition, S&C launches its new IntelliTeam CNMS Communication Network Management System. IntelliTeam CNMS allows utilities to manage S&C SpeedNet Radio networks from a central location, making it easier than ever to support communication systems that can meet the stringent requirements of a distribution automation application. The IntelliTeam CNMS monitors Ethernet and wireless interface performance of each radio and alerts operators of impending trouble due to tree growth, building construction or other causes. The system also supports continuous monitoring and management of radio configuration and network topology. By providing additional tools for utilities to ensure optimal performance of a critical communication system, IntelliTeam CNMS simplifies the work needed to support a network of communication networks.

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