ABB provides quick response service to customers

Initial launch of ABB’s quick response service based on Quick Response (QR) Code implementation will improve customers’ experience by making it easier to identify products, access support contacts and download technical documentation.

Houston—ABB, a power and automation technology group, announced plans to implement a new quick response service (QRS) in North America based on quick response (QR) codes on products that link to important customer service and documentation. QRS users can download an ABB quick response service application for smart phones and mobile devices to take maximum advantage of these codes.

A QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that is known for fast readability and significant storage capacity. Smart phone users can download specific applications that enable them to scan the codes and immediately receive more product and service information.

ABB will introduce the QRS to its North American customers in several phases over the next several months. The first phase will involve product releases from various ABB factories with an initial focus on power products, and will include the initial release of the quick response service application for mobile devices. The QRS information will typically be specific to the product’s exact make and model of equipment.

“ABB is the first power and automation company to phase QR codes into products as an enabler for superior customer service and support. With just a scan, customers can quickly access service, support, documentation, technical specifications and re-ordering information,” said Kevin Kosisko, head of Service for ABB in North America. “We believe that scanning product QR codes fits nicely within ABB’s model of creating and promoting efficiencies, because scanning saves our customers the time and frustration of searching through manuals, websites and misinformation, and instead delivers them everything they need right at their fingertips.”

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