Utility smart meter exchange

Kosciusko REMC streamlines utility smart meter deployment with Clevest solution.

Clevest Solutions Inc., a provider of mobile workforce automation software including smart grid deployment and post-deployment operations exclusively for the utility industry, announced that its smart meter exchange solution has been successfully implemented by Kosciusko Rural Electric Membership Cooperative (REMC) to streamline the utility's smart meter deployment for its customers in northern Indiana.

"A smart meter deployment is one of the largest and most complex undertakings a utility can pursue," emphasized Doug Engerman, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, Clevest Solutions. "By using the Clevest solution to shift the management of smart meter programs to a mobile environment, utilities or the deployment vendors they engage have a tool that simplifies workflow, improves data accuracy and expedites project completion by automating the receipt, assignment, processing and completion of meter exchange orders," Engerman adds.

Curt Barkey, Lead Systems Analysts, Kosciusko REMC, explains, "Our smart meter initiative is part of a larger vision to enhance member satisfaction. As part of this strategy, we previously rolled out CLEVEST Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) for better visibility into our field operations. When we were ready to upgrade our meter infrastructure, we turned to Clevest again."

The Clevest solution replaces the manual meter data capture process with a proven mobile solution that ensures new smart meters are installed correctly. It uses standards-based customizable tools, best practice templates and a comprehensive, well-established implementation methodology to improve efficiencies, reduce errors and enhance crew safety during the process of exchanging mechanical meters for smart meters.

Utilities can validate new installations by automatically generating service orders to audit work performed in the field. In addition, they can decrease error rates and minimize rework by proactively double-checking installations to identify problems early during installation cycles. With this approach, any issues that do arise are corrected quickly before they become chronic and more costly to fix.

Kosciusko REMC anticipates completion of it's smart meter deployment by summer of 2013. Future potential plans include implementing CLEVEST Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) for additional order types, and integrating the solution with the cooperative's current Clevest AVL capabilities.

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