Magnum router terminal server simplifies integrating serial devices

Magnum 10XTS adds router ports and enhanced security to Belden’s GarrettCom brand of “10” series of networking products for power utility substations.

router terminal
router terminal

St. Louis, Mo.—Belden Inc. (NYSE:BDC), a signal transmission solutions company for mission-critical applications, has released the new Magnum 10XTS Router Terminal Server. The Magnum 10XTS targets large substation installations with large numbers of serial and Ethernet instruments and the need for high-speed WAN access. The Magnum 10XTS offers two routing ports via a T1/E1 card, as well as up to eight Ethernet ports or up to 28 serial ports for protection and SCADA devices and IRIG-B time coding. Like other members of the next-generation Magnum “10” Series, the 10XTS is an IEC 61850-3 compliant networking device with the hardening required for substation applications and the only dual hot- swappable power supplies in the industry.

"The Magnum 10XTS Router Terminal Server provides IP routing capabilities, next generation reliability, extensive security features and the port configurability to enable large operations to be integrated into smart grid systems and meet NERC CIP requirements," said Lee House, GarrettCom General Manager. "By providing for high density serial port configurations, multiple Ethernet ports, as well as wide area connectivity, the 10XTS is designed for flexibility in managing legacy or next generation substation networks."

By providing the same combination of high port density with flexible configurability and hot-swap power as other members of the 10 Series, the 10XTS provides the connectivity necessary in today’s more complex substations and reduces the potential points of failure in a substation communications system.

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