Kitting Cable Components Saves Space & Time

Hendrix Wire & Cable, a premier provider of high quality overhead and underground power distribution products, announces the offering of a Kitting Solution for Spacer Cable Systems.

Hendrix designs and manufactures complete Spacer Cable Systems including cable, hardware, spacers, and other accessory products. A complete stock of component parts is maintained at the factory. Using Hendrix's Kitting Solution, components necessary to complete the Spacer Cable System can be purchased together, assembled at the Hendrix manufacturing plant, and then shipped directly to a job site or a temporary staging area. Since cables are cut to length for the job, scrap and installation time can both be reduced. There are no short lengths left on the reels at the end of the job, less set ups on the reel trailers, and less splicing. In addition, warehousing costs can be eliminated along with the time to kit the material at the utilities warehouse.

For more information or to set up a Kitting Solution with Hendrix Wire & Cable, please visit www.hendrix-wc.com or contact overhead@hendrix-wc.com.

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