308 SYSTEMS announces comprehensive improvements to the INSTANT OFFICEtm portable jobsite briefcase office.

308 SYSTEMS announces comprehensive improvements to the INSTANT OFFICEtm portable jobsite briefcase office. Construction companies can now enjoy increased productivity and operational efficiencies. Simply put – you can do more with your time, which means greater profits.

The cost effective and easy to use INSTANT Offices is a lightweight, battery powered mobile office with full wireless Internet integrated into a very small briefcase. It operates as an independent field office, allowing field Superintendents and Project Managers to have full office capabilities out of their truck. Due to it's compact size and portability, you can take your entire office to the top of a building, clients home, or through streets blocked with tornado/hurricane/earthquake debris, ice, etc.

Throw your office in the truck, from the jobsite or clients home:
 No more running to the copy shop
 Connect radios from a remote jobsite in Steamboat with the Denver office
 No more chasing subs/clients to sign Change Orders
 No more driving back to the office to pick up the fax or read your email
 No need to come down from the 15th floor to the jobsite trailer to send a fax
 Cut down time waiting for the architect/engineer to resolve problems
 Keep the employees/subs happy - print their checks at the jobsite
 Get more clients by presenting a high tech, professional image -
(print the contract right at their house when they are interested in signing)

Each INSTANT OFFICE is custom tailored to the specific construction company, enabling our clients to quickly maximize value, Return on Investment and most importantly INCREASED PROFITS. Typical applications include Commercial Construction sites, Residential Developments, Custom Home sites, Pipeline Construction, Petroleum Refineries, Oil Spill Response, Major Incident Management, Remote Structure Inspections, Power Generation, Forest Products, etc.

The INSTANT OFFICEtm is really easy use, if you can use Word or Excel, you can easily work with an INSTANT OFFICEtm. Options available in the battery powered and modular system include a rugged waterproof carrying case, Pentium laptop computer(or use your existing laptop), cellular or satellite Internet connection, remote jobsite radio interconnect, color printer, fax, copier, digital still/video cameras, document scanner, Global Positioning System mapping/directions, and more.

Using the INSTANT OFFICEtm from a remote site such as a client's home or your truck tailgate, a Project Manager can perform functions such as:

 Generate, print, sign, copy Change Orders
 Connect to the Internet, send/receive email, digital photos, plans
 Coordinate with your architect, suppliers and crew
 Monitor and coordinate subcontractor activities
 Move documents quickly and easily
 Send photos to engineer/architect for real time problem resolution
…..and more

"The INSTANT OFFICEtm represents a complete overhaul in construction jobsite operations by enabling the Super or PM to perform all traditional office functions out in the field," said Mark Lueker, president of 308 SYSTEMS. "What we were seeing out in the field was a hodgepodge of paper scraps, notes on lumber, lost Change Orders, lost voice mails, etc which were either impossible, expensive, or inconvenient for the typical construction company to effectively manage and operate in the field. Our original goal was to integrate the traditional office capabilities into a lightweight and full function INSTANT OFFICEtm capable of being carried by a single person to a clients home or construction site. We are pleased to say we surpassed this goal".

"Developed by construction personnel, for construction personnel, the INSTANT OFFICEtm is an enabling technology. We find clients are constantly finding new and innovative uses for the INSTANT OFFICEtm capabilities." Lueker said. "For example, from a remote mountain construction site, an INSTANT OFFICEtm user could connect to the Internet at the same time he/she was receiving a fax while simultaneously connected to the home office LAN, and speaking on the radio with the home office 1200 miles away. The modular INSTANT OFFICEtm system design can be tailored specifically to each clients needs".


308 SYSTEMS, headquartered in Loveland, CO, is an advanced Communications and Information Systems technology company supporting construction, government, and commercial firms in the public safety, communications, construction and oil industries. Their mobile communication hardware and software services and products are often combined to offer complete project solutions including conceptual system design, creation of technical specifications, hardware and software development, system testing, and on-going maintenance. These technical capabilities are complimented by a focus upon technical excellence, quality products, and uncompromised integrity.

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