Go green! Leica Roteo35G Green!

Introducing the Leica Roteo 35G rotating laser with a green laser beam... x4 more visible to the human eye than red!

(Norcross, GA, July 2009) The Leica Roteo 35 family is now completed with the addition of 3 new rotating lasers. Now there is the right Roteo with the perfect all-round package for each application. The highlight in the new Roteo family is the Roteo 35G, Leica Geosystems first rotating green laser beam!

The rotating lasers of the Leica Roteo family are truly multi-talented performers. Whether on a ceiling, wall, floor or on a tripod – they allow you to work precisely on many indoor and outdoor tasks in which leveling or aligning are required. The lasers are all fully automatic so no complicated set-up is required. The Leica Roteo can automatically self-level to compensate for tilts of up to ± 4.5º. It's easy to understand symbols, logical key placement, remote control and detector guarantee a simple and intuitive operation.

Internally, the Roteo offers a brushless motor for a wear-free direct drive. Furthermore it can be aligned by hand on the target area. This makes sense especially in the scan-mode to achieve enhanced visibility in a certain work field. A strong aluminum cage protects the laser head from damage. Site-proof highly robust and IP54- protection characterize all devices.

Leica Roteo 20HV
The basic model is the ideal rotating laser for basic users. Its easy-to-understand keypad is intuitive to operate. The package includes a complete set of accessories for interior works with remote control, wall mount bracket and target plate.

Leica Roteo 25H
The Leica Roteo 25H offers fully automatic horizontal self-levelling and even the possibility of inclining the levelling plane on the instrument. The detector supplied in the set efficiently locates the laser beam over long distance: An appealing package for exterior works.

Leica Roteo 35 WMR
The Leica Roteo 35 impresses everyone with its powerful features and complete set of accessories for every application, especially for interior works. The wall mount bracket allows convenient motorised control of the laser beam height by the combined remote control/detector or by manual adjustment. This saves you not only needless setting of levels and heights but also time and money. You can work alone, without an assistant.

Leica Roteo 35G – when it has to be bright
The Leica Roteo 35G has all the characteristics of the Leica Roteo 35. In addition, it has a green laser beam for better visibility in very bright conditions and over very long distances. The pioneering green laser beam is 4x more visible to the human eye than the red laser beam.

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