Clearfield Introduces Industry's Most Dense Outside Plant PON Cabinet for FTTx Installations

1152-Port FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center reduces installation and maintenance costs for the service provider

Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ:CLFD) announced today the industry's highest density outside plant PON cabinet, a FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (FSC) 1152-Port. The FieldSmart FSC 1152-Port Cabinet sets the new bar for density, providing up to 1,152 fibers in a 33"×16"×64" design. Optimal access is ensured to all ports and superior fiber protection is integrated within the patent-pending Clearview Cassette technology.

With Clearfield's Clearview Cassette™ at its heart, the FieldSmart FSC 1152-Port Cabinet changes the rules of fiber management. Core to this design is the fact that fiber is protected in sub-units of 12 fibers. Jacketed cable storage is eliminated because the 900um tight buffers have shed the outer riser rated jacket in favor of the cassette that protects it not only from human accidental damage, but also provides full bend radius protection throughout. The FieldSmart FSC 1152-Port Cabinet accommodates all fiber management needs plus all the required slack storage for a 1,152 home-served "Patch & Splice" or "Patch Only" configuration in just 19.5 feet of cabinet space.

High Density Environments Demand a High Density Solution

As service providers gain experience with FTTx builds, many are recognizing the need for long-term planning in their network designs. "The scalable, symmetrical design of the FieldSmart platform is key to delivering a highly configurable platform to meet all of our customers' requirements –whether their serving area is 500 homes or 500,000," said Johnny Hill, chief operating officer for Clearfield.

About the FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (FSC)

The FieldSmart FSC provides an interconnect environment from the feeder network through the optical passive splitter to the distribution network in an FTTH PON OSP cabinet. User capacity can be scaled from as few as 12-ports to the maximum configuration of 1152-ports per cabinet, allowing the service provider to align the investment in capital equipment to the turn-up of revenue-generating circuits. Labor and other field costs are minimized through its craft-friendly layout.

Splitter density is maximized through the use of splitter modules that stack together in a top-loaded "Splitter Cage" design. Pre-terminated splitter input/output legs are manufactured with bend insensitive fiber (G.657.A) and ruggedized jackets for harsh environments. Each splitter ships pre-parked within a disposable FieldSmart Parking Block, enabling the customer to simply place the splitter into the splitter cage, route pre-parked jumpers up to the Parking Block storage area and deploy subscriber circuits from there. Due to the highly configurable design of the FieldSmart FSC, splitters and WDM components can also be deployed in the Clearview Cassette. For optimum flexibility and crush resistance, ruggedized cabling is used throughout.

In addition to its use as a PON Cabinet, the FieldSmart FSC can also be deployed in a cross-connect configuration, serving up to 1,728 connections.

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