Enhanced Software Suite Delivers Bandwidth Management, Usage Billing and Essential Acceptable Use Policy Management to Cable Operators

Integrated Broadband Services (IBBS), the leading provider of mission-critical OSS software and services for more than 200 tier-2 cable operators worldwide, debuted version 4.6 of its Broadband Explorer (BBX) Diagnostics and Provisioning software to industry leaders at the Cable Show in Washington, DC. This new version of IBBS' flagship offering features advanced bandwidth, usage, billing and capacity management functionality.

"The enhancements in BBX 4.6, our award winning diagnostics and provisioning platform, empower cable operators to more closely monitor and manage user bandwidth capacity, and to ensure that their networks operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible," said IBBS CEO, David Keil. "As the industry's prominent OSS software and network management services provider for cable operators, it is essential that our team maintains an accurate, real-time sense of marketplace demands. BBX 4.6 is our most powerful offering to-date; its advanced functionality reflects our immediate response to the most pressing needs of mid-size cable operators."

Advanced Features & Functionality:

Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) Management - Provides Broadband Operators with the ability to define package level Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs), which establish bandwidth usage thresholds for a defined interval. This new capability enables operators to more closely monitor and manage use of bandwidth capacity.

Policy Exception Notifications (Rules-Based AUP Exceptions) - With the establishment of AUPs, operators are now able to communicate the defined AUP exceptions to subscribers via email and a customer self-care portal interface. These customizable messages can be sent in advance of a threshold breach or as a final notification.

Bandwidth Xcelerator - Provides operators with the ability to define package-level bandwidth 'power burst' capability. This enables subscribers to receive an increase in bandwidth when downloading large files/content and does not require any interaction from the subscriber for service to take effect.

Usage Billing Data – With the establishment of AUPs, operators can bill subscribers for bandwidth use overages. This new capability will provide AUP overage data that can be used by a billing system for generating usage-based subscriber invoices.

Founded by cable people for cable people, since its inception IBBS has helped its customers to quickly and cost-effectively resolve customer issues, and ensure the highest possible level of service.

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