New QuickLights® 180 Downlight Features Movable Junction Box

New fixture installs in less than 30 seconds

Capri Lighting, a Philips Group brand, announces the launch of its new QuickLights® 180 downlight, featuring a junction box that can be positioned on either the right or left side of the luminaire. The patent-pending, swappable junction box allows for faster, easier and more cost-efficient installation, as well as easier below-ceiling splice inspection and maintenance.

With the QuickLights® 180, the junction box is no longer set in a fixed position, but with a quick press of a tab can be moved allowing electrical contractors to easily work around obstructions such as vents and duct work. This greatly decreases the amount of installation time needed. In most cases, a QuickLights® 180 can be installed in less than 30 seconds. Frame alignment tabs allow for fast and accurate alignment to the bottom of ceiling joists.

QuickLights® 180 Features:
· Movable junction box-moves from right to left side and vice versa
· Airseal™ rated to ASTM E283 standards of less than 2.0 CFM
· Convertible IC/Non-IC dual rated housing
· IC rated up to 90 watts and Non-IC rated up to 150 watts for incandescent and up to 26 watts for compact fluorescent lighting (CFL)
· Available with Quick Plug feature so downlight can be installed and wired in approximately 30 seconds
· Thermally protected to take downlight out of operation due to overheating

The QuickLights® 180 product accommodates more than 85 different trim options and is available with an adjustable socket plate that can be removed.

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