Solutions Conference Energizes Geospatial Industry

More Than 1,000 Practitioners Invested in Their Education in Tampa

"We felt that the conference was a huge success. We were extremely pleased with this year's conference content, as well as the attendance, given the current economic situation," said Kecia Pierce, 2009 Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference Chair and Industry Manager, Intergraph Corporation. "While the quantity may have been down slightly, the quality was high. Those attendees that were there had a real vested need and interest in being there to find solutions to the particular problems they were facing."

SmartSynch announced today that it is developing a smart grid communications solution, the Universal Communications Module (UCM), for sale to utilities, to serve as an IP-addressable, external interface offering WAN, LAN and HAN connectivity to a variety of smart grid devices. The UCM is a 'box' enclosure, separate from the meter, and acts as a "wireless pipe" capable of transmitting and receiving data over public wireless networks using Internet-based or other open standards. Through the UCM and its use of public wireless networks, utilities can quickly and affordably spot-deploy smart grid applications, including load profile and control, power quality monitoring, distribution automation, and stand-by generator control; and support homeowner-focused smart metering programs such as demand response, demand-side management and real-time pricing.

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