Introducing the LongHaul™ 5.x and 4.9 GHz Ethernet and TrueTDM™ T1/E1 Backhaul Radios

Lowest Cost Per Megabit-Mile Available!

The Carlson Wireless team would like to introduce you to our LongHaul™ radio family, our newest line of point-to-point microwave Ethernet radios. The LongHaul™ is available in two models, the LongHaul 5x (5.x GHz) for unlicensed applications and the LongHaul 4.9 (4.9 GHz) for public safety. LongHaul™ provides robust Ethernet & TrueTDM™ T1/E1 capacity over long distances at the lowest cost per megabit-mile available.

Carlson's revolutionary SWiFT™ solution allows the LongHaul™ digital microwave Ethernet bridge to provide unparalleled range, signal strength, flexibility and capacity combined with incredible ease of use. LongHaul™ provides the following features:

108 Mbps OTA rate in IP mode

32 Mbps in Synchronous TrueTDM™ mode

Long Range - Beyond 80 miles

Superior for VoIP and Streaming Media Networks

Integrated Site Monitoring

Fixed Low Latency

Starting at less than $2000 a link!

The SWiFT™ platform supports TDM to IP migration and is both legacy compatible and future proof. SWiFT™ eliminates packet collisions making the LongHaul™ the most robust, affordable and truly interoperable backhaul solution in its class, at any distance!

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