DeWALT Creates Industry's First Impact Ready™ Accessories specifically DESIGNED for impact drivers

Growing Popularity of Impact Drivers Creates User Demand for Durable Bits That Can Withstand High-Torque Drilling and Fastening Applications

May 8th, 2009

DeWALT, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories, is the first power tool manufacturer to introduce a new category of accessories to meet the growing demand for impact drivers. DeWALT estimates that North American sales of impact drivers have seen double digit growth, exceeding approximately $85 million in the past five years, among users who benefit from the compact size and high levels of non-reactionary torque provided by these tools. In order to accommodate the increased use of impact drivers to perform drilling and fastening applications, DeWALT introduced a new category of durable IMPACT READY™ accessories that are compatible with DeWALT impact drivers (DC827KL and DC825KA).

DeWALT visited numerous jobsites to research end user needs and found that impact drivers were very popular; however there was a need for accessories that would address specific user demands:

Reduced bit breakage – users felt that existing bits were not durable enough to withstand the high levels of torque generated by impact drivers and were seeking accessories that would help to reduce the occurrence of breakage, saving money on replacement bits and improving productivity.

Improved versatility – contractors wanted to use their impact drivers to complete a wider range of drilling and fastening applications, but bits designed for durability in extremely high torque applications did not exist. Therefore, users were limited to using their impacts for a small number of drilling and fastening applications such as deck construction, hanging drywall into wood studs, and light assembly.

As a result, DeWALT introduced IMPACT READY™ accessories that are engineered with innovations that provide enough durability to withstand high levels of non-reactionary torque, resulting in less bit breakage and allowing professional contractors to complete more applications with impacts. Examples of new applications include:

Drilling into junction boxes and medium gauge steel
Drilling into stainless steel and aluminum
Drilling into steel track to install doors
Drilling holes in thick and mild gauge steel to hang elevator tracks
Drilling into all gauges of steel wood and plastics

"DeWALT is on the jobsite working with users to find ways to help them do their jobs better. The IMPACT READY™ line of accessories is a clear example of how DeWALT identified an end user need and provided an innovative solution that increases productivity and efficiency on the jobsite," commented Doug Redpath, DeWALT Director of Marketing for IPG accessories.

By providing highly-durable accessories specifically designed for impact drivers, users can now complete more drilling and fastening applications with impact drivers. The DeWALT IMPACT READY™ accessory category includes six products that enable professional contractors to perform a full range of applications with their impact drivers. For example, the introduction of IMPACT READY™ hole saws allow electricians to use impacts to bore holes on the jobsite. Additionally, electricians, glaziers, garage door and elevator installers, and mechanical and HVAC professionals can use IMPACT READY™ accessories to complete a wide variety of drilling applications with an impact driver.

DeWALT continues to introduce new IMPACT READY™ products and will launch the first drill bits specifically designed for use with impact drivers this summer. Below is an overview of the full line of DeWALT IMPACT READY™ accessories.


· IMPACT READY™ Drill Bits are five times more durable than conventional hex shank drill bits. Built with a patented one-piece, taper web design for increased durability and a patented pilot point tip for increased speed, life and hole quality, users can now drill holes into sheet metal, stainless steel, steel studs, and junction boxes using an impact driver.

· IMPACT READY™ Holes Saws offer two times more life than standard bi-metal hole saws when drilling 16 gauge steel. The thin-walled design and optimized tooth geometry provides longer life and faster drilling speed. Users can now compete three new applications using impact drivers:

· Drilling ¾" to 1 ½" holes into 16 gauge steel studs and junction boxes

· Drilling ¾" to 1 ½" holes into sheet metal duct

· Drilling ¾" to 1 ½" holes into conduit or EMT

· IMPACT READY™ Fastening Accessories can increase a contractor's ability to use an impact driver to complete high torque fastening applications such as metal to metal framing, commercial window installing and steel erection.

· IMPACT READY™ Nutsetters are equipped with patented, recessed corners that distribute torque across flats and eliminate stripping. These accessories offer best-in-class magnetic strength for increased bit retention with impact drivers and wrenches.

· IMPACT READY™ Pivot Holders and Pivot Nutsetters have a locking collar for straight or angled driving and pivot at a 20 degree angle to complete applications in tight spaces.

· IMPACT READY™ Screw Driving Bits include Phillips head, square, and slotted bits, which are able to withstand high levels of torque.

· IMPACT READY™ Driver Sockets are designed with patented, recessed corners that distribute torque across flats and eliminate stripping. The IMPACT READY™ driver sockets are thinner than wrench sockets for tough access areas.

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