Growing Popularity of Impact Drivers Prompts Introduction of New Drill Bits with Five Times More Durability for High Torque Applications

DeWALT, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories, is expanding its existing line of IMPACT READY™ products with the launch of its new IMPACT READY™ drill bits. DEWALT introduced its IMPACT READY™ line of accessories to address the growing popularity of impact drivers among professional contractors. DEWALT IMPACT READY™ drill bits are the first bits on the market that are specifically engineered for impact drivers and are durable enough to withstand high-levels of torque. Additionally, the IMPACT READY™ drill bits are five times more durable than conventional hex shank drill bits, providing users with a long-lasting bit for heavy-duty applications.

For increased durability, DeWALT built the new IMPACT READY™ drill bits with a unique, one-piece shank design. The integral design helps to reduce the occurrence of bit breakage, which is a common occurrence with bits that have two-piece designs. A patented tapered web design provides added strength in high-torque applications. The improved durability allows users to complete more applications using an impact driver including drilling holes into sheet metal, stainless steel, steel studs and junction boxes.

Additionally, the patented pilot point tip design allows the drilling process to begin more rapidly upon contact with the drilling surface, which leads to burr free holes and increased drilling speed.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the new DEWALT IMPACT READY™ drill bits are ideal for electrical, mechanical, HVAC and general contractors, as well as glaziers.

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