Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products Exhibits Latest Mobile Innovations

"Magnesium's metallurgical characteristics allowed our engineers to simplify the design and produce a superior docking station at a competitive price for our customers without sacrificing performance," said Brain Wagner, president, of Gamber-Johnson.

MAG Dock is designed specifically for the Panasonic Toughbook 30 computer and constructed from a magnesium alloy. Magnesium is second only to titanium in strength and it is 33 percent lighter than aluminum. It boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it one of the lightest, yet strongest metals available. The end-result is a lightweight (MAG Dock, at six pounds, is half the weight of its steel counterparts) yet exceptionally strong docking station that is less susceptible to vibration and will reduce the wear and tear on the computer and wired connections, all at a competitive price.

Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corporation (SEV U.S. Corp), a Delaware corporation temporarily headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., announced today its plan to assemble and market all-electric zero-emission commercial vehicles in North America. SEV U.S. Corp will initially focus its production on battery-electric-powered vehicles for depot-based route delivery fleets.

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