SpliceLine In-line Connector for Butt Splice Applications, Pre-fab Operations

IDEAL Industries announces their new SpliceLine in-line wire connector—an innovative alternative to traditional butt splices.

Sycamore, Ill., March 29, 2010—IDEAL Industries Inc., a leader in tools and supplies for the professional electrician, announces the launch of its new SpliceLine in-line wire connector—an innovative alternative to traditional butt splices that does not require time-consuming crimping, soldering or heat shrinking to create secure end-to-end connections.

SpliceLine's two ports support a wide range of solid and stranded wires (12-20 AWG solid, 12-16 AWG stranded), allowing a single SpliceLine connector to cover the same wire range as three standard butt splice sizes. This results in reduced inventory needs for distributors and more space inside the electrician's tool bag.

Further distinguishing itself from traditional butt splices, SpliceLine’s quick push-in technology allows the contractor to make end-to-end connections up to 2X faster. In addition, SpliceLine is precision-molded from a transparent polycarbonate that permits visual inspection of connections. Thanks to the shell's ultra-slim profile, multiple connectors can easily and simultaneously pass through the 1/2 inch knockouts found in most electrical boxes.

Another application for the SpliceLine is to lengthen wires that are physically short in tight spaces. Electricians are often confronted with an existing wire that has been cut too short by the previous contractor to safely install a receptacle, light switch or lighting fixture. Also, in historical homes, a wire may have deteriorated or broken with age, requiring replacement. In these situations where a standard WireNut style connector is too large, a SpliceLine connector can be safely used to splice the wire and make it possible to install additional wire to the device.

SpliceLine connectors are available in qualities of 10, 100, 300 or 2,500 and are manufactured by IDEAL in the U.S.A.

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