Anomet Products offers line of durable platinum clad molybdenum wire

Platinum clad molybdenum wire resists oxidation and corrosion at 1,200 degrees C.

Shrewsbury, Mass., March 4, 2010—A line of platinum clad molybdenum wire that offers performance and cost advantages over solid wire in a wide range of semiconductor and electronics applications is available from Anomet Products Inc.

Anomet Platinum Clad Molybdenum Wire provides a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high oxidation and corrosion resistance at up to 1,200 degrees C, depending upon the application. Available in 0.010 inch to 0.060 inch O.D. sizes, with cladding from 14 to 26 percent by weight and 4.5 to 55 microns, depending upon diameter, this clad metal wire has a smooth and consistent surface finish.

Ideal for fabricating feed-throughs in semiconductor fabrication equipment and for making connectors and switch components used in harsh environments, Anomet Platinum Clad Molybdenum wire is offered as wire, rod and ribbon. Metallurgical-bonding assures that this wire provides superior ductility, formability, and weld-ability than electroplated wire, claims the firm.

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