Grip-n-Twist screwdriver lets user set, start and then tightly fasten a screw with one-handed ease

IDEAL screwdriver with new Grip-n-Twist screw holder securely extends reach into tight spaces.

Sycamore, Ill., March 3, 2010—Fastening screws into tight, hard-to-reach places is a challenge. Unfortunately, most screw-holding screwdrivers on the market today are poorly designed or difficult to use. To help contractors, electricians and auto mechanics with this task, IDEAL has introduced a professional-grade screwdriver featuring its new Grip-n-Twist screw-holding mechanism. This spring-action locking system engages and disengages screws with a simple thumb movement, letting the user set, start and then tightly fasten a screw with one-handed ease. Besides delivering speed, security and greater torque, the thermo-plastic Grip-a-Twist runs the entire length of the 7 inch tempered steel shaft for improved durability.

"Every contractor knows the frustration of reaching into a tight spot to install a screw, only to have it fall off the screwdriver again and again," explained Bruce Hartranft, product manager for IDEAL. "Our newly designed screwdriver completely eliminates this problem by securely holding the screw until it is fully installed."

The new screwdriver meets the needs of the worksite with a cushion-grip handle that furnishes the user with ergonomic comfort and superior driving force, along with a slip-resistant tip for a firm hold into the screw slot.

The screwdriver is available in Phillips (part #35-406) and Slotted (part #35-404) versions.

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