Striped circuit wire

Cerro Wire introduces striped circuit wire to meet national electrical code requirements.

Hartselle, Ala., August 9, 2010—Cerro Wire, a leading manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cable, announces that beginning in August it will provide THHN striped circuit wire, which helps electrical contractors meet the needs of facility owners driven by changes in the 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC). Section 210.4 (B) requires that “multiwire branch circuits” must be provided with a means of simultaneously disconnecting all ungrounded or phase conductors where the branch circuit originates. To avoid being considered a “multiwire branch circuit,” you may provide separate neutrals for each individual branch circuit. Doing so allows you to use single pole breakers for each circuit so that multiple circuits are not shut down when working on one circuit. To keep track of which neutral goes with which circuit, a stripe on the neutral matching the color of the phase conductor is needed.

Cerro’s new striped circuit wire is available in 500-ft spools and 2,500-ft reels, and comes in white with a variety of colored stripes and green with yellow stripes. It will be offered initially in 14, 12, 10 and 8 American wire gauge (AWG) sizes. Other sizes may be offered in response to market demand.

“Striped circuit wire enables contractors to easily determine which neutral wire goes with which phase or hot conductor when installing multiple branch circuits in one conduit run,” said Rick Bennett, Cerro Wire’s director of quality.

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