Printers offer multiple interfaces for every application

Tharo H-Series printers provide USB 2.0 high-speed data transfer.

Brunswick, Ohio, August 6, 2010—Tharo Systems Inc.’s H-Series Printers have multiple interfaces for every application. Blazing fast USB 2.0 is standard on the THARO H-400 and H-600 Series printers for high-speed data transfer from your Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux or Unix system to an H-Series Printer.

With a high data transfer rate, you can transfer your data faster to the THARO H-400 and H-600 printers in cases where graphics or TrueType fonts will be used, or where each label is different. The higher the data transfer rate, the greater your throughput. Parallel and RS232 Serial are also included, or use the optional Ethernet Adaptor to print to your H-400/H-600 from anywhere in the world.

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